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No Cheating

if you cheat on our servers you will be warned and then kicked if not play clean and follow rules cheating like . no recoil , aimbot , wallhack ... etc
Cheating will get you detected soon or later

No Spamming

Speaking too much or repeating words too much can annoy players. spam will get you kicked or get your chat disabled for an undefined period of time as a warning

No Insulting

Watch your language! Swearing is not tolerated on our servers ,we have people from all over the world joining our servers, including people of all ages, insulting people specially admin and clan members will get you kicked or banned!!

Respect Others

Our admins are respectful and helpful , but persistent badgering will get you kicked.

You can do glitches and mods but respect all Players in the server.

Become an admin

Any member in our clan should ask clan leaders for admin rights or higher ranks And dont keep spamming about that ,  if a member does not follow this rules then clan leaders have the right to warn or ban that member for bad behavior, you can apply for admin after 2 weeks!! but first being active everyday in our servers

Wearing Tag

Clan Tag can only allowed to our clan members and admins and wearing it very important.

Inactive Members

Inactive members for more than 1 month will get removed from the clan and will be moved to inactives list so all members and admins be active in our servers and type our tag -|GZ|-