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  -|GZ|- armyboy: hi all
  -|GZ|-Yonka: xd
  midonido: momkn e-mail 34an astfser 3la haga ?
  midonido: ana 3ayz mosa3da
  midonido: hi all
  -|GZ|- armyboy: ahlan bek
  MayoOoO: سما عليكواا <3
  -|GZ|- armyboy: answer in private chat
  tenz: ana hna
  -|GZ|- armyboy: we need admins
  -|GZ|- armyboy: m7tagen admins
  -|GZ|- armyboy: fenkom ya gd3an m5tfyeen
  -|GZ|- armyboy: ahlan ya 7ag
  player: Hi
  tenz: Army plz come ban him
  tenz: aimbot in the teammatch server
  -|GZ|- armyboy: yes
  tenz: ARMY ?
  tenz: hi
You do not have permission to shout
Winners Prize
There will be first 4 winners every week in MOHAA Game

please share that in all gaming groups we need to make mohaa game alive again
Whoever wants to join keep trying to call his friends for this server

And when the number in the server is

20 players or more
The competition begins

The first winner will win 10$
The second winner will win 7$
The third winner will win 5$
The fourth winner will win 3$

Register in our site to get the money prize after the competition end

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