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  -|GZ|- armyboy: hello
  Gutenberg: I noticed that some players cheat and no admins.
  -|GZ|- armyboy: we need more admins
  Gutenberg: Hi Armyboy. On the #EGYPT TEAM MATCH SERVER, players cheat. Do you have any administrators there to keep order?
  -|GZ|- armyboy: hi all
  -|GZ|-Yonka: xd
  midonido: momkn e-mail 34an astfser 3la haga ?
  midonido: ana 3ayz mosa3da
  midonido: hi all
  -|GZ|- armyboy: ahlan bek
  MayoOoO: سما عليكواا <3
  -|GZ|- armyboy: answer in private chat
  tenz: ana hna
  -|GZ|- armyboy: we need admins
  -|GZ|- armyboy: m7tagen admins
  -|GZ|- armyboy: fenkom ya gd3an m5tfyeen
  -|GZ|- armyboy: ahlan ya 7ag
  player: Hi
  tenz: Army plz come ban him
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